Rolex Submariner Replica Watch

Rolex Submariner Replica Watch.

Rolex Submarine was born in 1953, is the world’s first waterproof 100 meters deep watch, then purchase a patent three buckle crown, to strengthen the case of sealing, so that the depth of water to 300 meters. Special introduction: 40 mm submarine type 904L stainless steel style, the outer ring set with black Cerachrom word circle.
To be in-depth Rooster Oysters inside the table, a very small number; only have specialized technology and equipment Rolex special retailers in order to obtain this approach. In fact, to open this isolated seal case, you must use up to five Newton meters of torque. All Oyster case back cover, can be collision, pressure, dust and water damage to the door, to ensure that the movement of precision operation, regardless of any environment, so you worthy of trust.
Three buckle crown: triangular pit table bottom cover by the Rolex replica watchmaker with special tools tighten, so that the case completely sealed. On the crown with a patented three buckle lock waterproof system, such as the submarine’s hatch can be tightened on the case, and get in the case side of the crown shoulder protection.

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