Alloy material Rolex

In the recent ten years, all the watch factories have been working hard to develop various new material watchmaking to attract everyone’s attention and allow consumers to pull out their wallet. Among them, Yuzhe and Chanel made the most articles on space ceramics. From the sales performance, or from the well-known in the market point of view, Hublot has achieved great success. Undoubtedly, the promotional expenses paid are huge.

Chocolate colored ceramic memories

I used to have a chocolate space ceramic Hublot, not only the case with dial are chocolate, but also with special chocolate strap hard plastic and rubber synthesis, although the 7750 movement is used, but Tuo Tuo automatic black Tuo, rolex replica watches Tuo carried out the hollow and carved processing, the real test is very beautiful, but unfortunately not a long time, a friend died wrapped hard mill from her hands took her, so I also know Chengde table friends Why love Hublot, but for this deep, thick chocolate gray beauty, but persevere in my memory, so that as a blueprint, to find the same color Rolex.

To be honest, this alloy watch, there are many mysteries, first of all I do not know Rolex know I do not know there is a book on platinum, which spoke of platinum contact with human body will have a good biological electromagnetic field, will not The normal and unstable electromagnetic field returned to normal. Of course, there are many other many things. Otherwise can not become a book. There are a lot of platinum watches made by Rolex, with no other considerations other than the declaration of top-level watches. Rolex also silence, they seem to want only one thing, make a good table people wear. Where is good, consumers themselves to experience.

I do not know much about people who know the table and know the precious metals, so I would like to start a discussion about the alloy watch in the bezel to Rolex. That winter, I wrote an article entitled “How to add gold to platinum”. The article details the characteristics of this watch and many questions, and I hope readers will react best replica watches to the people who have studied the precious metal alloy. Their opinion. However, disappointed, no one came out to discuss this matter. It seems no one on this platinum watch what praise, on the other hand, this alloy watch quietly popular, but also used the previous year’s 116515LN and 218235 new watch. Among them, 116515LN also added a ceramic scale bezel, gray and brown dial became the best-selling watch.

Last year, Rolex launched the 116515LN shocking the market of Daytona, I have not noticed that they use the new alloy even in most of the promotional materials did not come out 116515F plus platinum code, search in China, Baidu 116515F completely undetectable, I did not deliberately remove the strap to see if there is no F font on the table, the search in overseas Google this table Chinese introduction, but one hundred percent written eternal Jiujin gold words, I feel the domestic industry seems to have some material Dull, but also the outer bezel ceramic space, as well as the ceramic ring in space CERACHROM red gold produced on the scale of how complex the data, how difficult workmanship is not introduced, it seems that there are dead pigs agents are not afraid of boiling hot water characteristics. At this point, we should learn from the salespeople in Hong Kong as much as we can.

Unlike the 118205F, the 116515LN has data on the bezel, leaving numbers on this superhard ceramic is not easy. The first use of PVD technology, plated with red gold film, and then polished away, leaving the digital part of the spacecraft has produced the effect of printed gold, only one will have much energy to pay, the contribution of technology power We can understand, therefore, the processing of this material, more expensive than the average red Dinosaur 4-5 million, or to be justified. As for the body is written on 116515LN, it may represent the abbreviation of space ceramics.

Without further investigation, I suspect that, based on the sales figures of the past few years and the fact that Rolex established the alloy processing plant in the factory, this permanent eternity gold alloy called alloy will be further widely swiss replica watches used for several years to come , And the price will rise steadily. Everyone remembers that the new 6-digit Rolex is 40% more expensive than the 5-digit old model. This not only reflects the cause of worldwide inflation but also reflects the fact that the watch as a movable asset Brand, innovation, technology, the formation of the fixed value can not be underestimated. I hope watch fans to experience this eternity nine gold, the Hong Kong people called alloy new material table. It is best to wear to your end of life to see if the years will have an impact on eternity, anyway, you also keep a lovely table for future generations.

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