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The watch brand was founded in 1905 by the German businessman and technician Hans Wilsdorf. The watch brand invented a 100% waterproof, dirt-resistant and shock-resistant watch Watches Rolex case in 1926. This watch case was called the Oyster because it had the shape and properties of a closed oyster.

Many Rolex models still have this watch case. During the Second World War the originally German / English factory settled permanently in Switzerland. There, the brand specialized in watches in the more expensive segment.


The Rolex Submariner was introduced at the 1954 fair in Basel. This watch was the first truly waterproof watch. That first production model (model number 6204) was water resistant to 200 meters. Already at the Basel Fair in 1955, the Submariner’s clones were introduced by many leading brands,  a trend that has not yet diminished after all these years! The Rolex Submariner has evolved over the years, with many intermediate model / reference numbers, dial variations and other aspects through which collecting has become very interesting. Today, Rolex Submariners are not only popular, they are also attractive investments. Vintage Rolex Submariners are historical witnesses to the evolution of dive watches, the evolution of Rolex itself and diving in general.


The Rolex Oyster was introduced in 1926 as the first air, dust and waterproof watch. Shortly thereafter, the addition of the automatic movement followed in 1931. Since then, the Oyster has, in all conditions and in the most diverse places of the world, ranging from 35,000 meters under the sea in the Pacific to the summit of Mount Everest, successfully passed all the trials.

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