OMEGA Omega mechanical men’s watch

Rolex history and its founder Hans OMEGA Omega mechanical men’s watch? Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) the name of the closely linked. 1881 Omega OMEGA mechanical men’s watch was born in a city in Bavaria, he was involved in international business as a young man. Started as a cultured pearls business, 19-year-old in La replica watches Chaux-de-Fonds, represented a watch manufacturer specializing in the export of OMEGA Omega mechanical men’s watches.
In 1905 he founded his own OMEGA OMEGA mechanical men’s watch, called Wilsdorf and Davis, a company that sells OMEGA OMEGA men’s watches, But he also developed self-made watches.

July 2, 1908 at 8 am, Rolex trademark officially registered. The first Rolex watch because of it
Superb technical quality and immediate attention. A small OMEGA OMEGA mechanical men’s watch was received in 1914 Kev Observatory Class A certificate, which is the United Kingdom this well-known observatory has never been issued the highest rating. Its accuracy has been recognized, this is a worldwide event, making watches in Europe and the United States suddenly worth twice as much. Since then, the quality of Rolex represents the precise.

Rolex moved back to Geneva after the First World War, driven by the founder, the Rolex OMEGA OMEGA machinery men’s watch division innovation, create, improve themselves. It has two research directions: waterproof and automatic.

In 1926, the first water-repellent and dust-proof watch finally came out. fake watches This is the famous Oyster watch. 1929 OMEGA Omega mechanical men’s watch economic crisis hit Switzerland, but Rolex has not been affected. It was during this period that a self-winding mechanism was invented that produced the “Perpetual” watch, which later became popular with an OMEGA Omega mechanical men’s watch.

This automatic watch has a pendulum, never before used on the watch, it revolutionized the watch industry OMEGA OMEGA mechanical men’s watch, it is currently the pioneer of all OMEGA OMEGA mechanical men’s watch automatic table. In 1945, Rolex also produced a table with the date, and in 26 languages ​​to indicate the date and day of the table.

Andrea Heinig Launches The Rolex ranks among the world’s altarpieces in today’s world thanks to the inspiration and enthusiasm of Andre J. Heiniger. Heinig was born in La Chaux-de-Fenn in 1921. When Hans Wellsdorf first met him, he had a full letter of OMEGA OMEGA mechanical men’s watch and sincere respect.

Both of them love to contact with others and pursue perfection. Will OMEGA fake watches uk Omega mechanical men’s watch Storf invited Heinig in 1948 to join Rolex. He spent six years in Buenos Aires responsible for developing the South American market. Returned to Geneva in 1955, was promoted to a member of the Rolex board of directors, and replaced Willsdorf as general manager of Rolex in 1964.

He faithfully inherit the cause of the founder of Rolex, OMEGA OMEGA machinery men’s watch to improve quality and technological innovation, brought a new breath for the enterprise: international. The first step in this decision was to move the corporate headquarters from the city center to a beautiful new building in the suburbs. Then, Heinig began his expedition, traveled all over the world and opened up new markets. He was astonishingly predictive and decided to establish the OMEGA Omega Mechanical Men’s Watch branch in major cities of the OMEGA Omega mechanical men’s watch on all continents, which was a pioneering move at the time.

Heinig also established the Rolex Spirit of Entrepreneurship during its tenure, which awards the OMEGA Omega mechanical men’s watch every three years, rewarding OMEGA replica watch Omega mechanical men’s watches for applied science, invention creation, exploratory research, scientific discovery and environmental protection Outstanding contribution to the people.

Rolex is currently headed by OMEGA OMEGA mechanical watchmaker, Patrick Heiniger, who grew up in Rolex’s “family” and loves the tradition of the company, where he served as a ten-year Rolex company Of the lawyer, was later appointed as business manager, general manager and other staff.

The extension of the Rolex World Headquarters, planned since the 1960s, was completed in 1995. It is a hallmark of more than 80 OMEGA Omega mechanical men’s watches, a symbol of innovation, progress and a symbol of the entrepreneurial spirit that its leaders value.

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