Summer tough guy GF Breitling blackbird reconnaissance plane

Remember the first time like the table, is high school when Casio, no other reason, big dial tough.
The first time to get a real sense of the mechanical watch, replica watches Breitling big steel, there is no other reason, a large dial, hand, tough, resistant to operation.
Later also played some of the table, the pilot of the  nations, Panerai, Blancpain’s old and new fifty-chun, Seiko canned abalone, Sinn U1, European mind of the super hippocampus ……… but Has never played a hundred years spirit.
Until it meets its blackbird reconnaissance plane

Size: 44mm, the atmosphere of the extraordinary dial design, light and solid case, clear and clear readability, and cool cool all black appearance, this Breitling Avenger Blackbird Reconnaissance breitling replica watch interpretation of the Avenger series watch Of the characteristics: highlight the power of action.

Using a charming black dial, with titanium case, breitling replica watches anti-reflective all black appearance, is conducive to the aviation people to wear.

The surface of the high-strength carbonitriding treatment, showing a tough cool black black matte effect, to avoid the action of the reflective interference, and such a visual presentation after the matte treatment is more prominent.

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