How does the Rolex watch adjust the time and calendar?

Replicas Rolex watches, as always, inherited all the classic Rolex elements: Oyster shell, 3135 headed movement, between the gold five beads, all gold multi-tooth ring, diamond scale, seductive crown buckle … and so on In short, Rolex’s most classic elements of the classic! With superb watchmaking process and quality, adhering to the essence of Swiss watchmaking, to show its unique charm, highlight the unique brand style. So how to reproduce the flat Rolex watch how to adjust the time and calendar?

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Mechanical watch
The table pull out a file is raised and the calendar, and pulled out to the second tranche is to adjust the time to go. With a calendar function of the mechanical watch, from 10 pm to 2 am between the two do not jump calendar, because the calendar is often the time of their own beating, if their own manual rolex replica adjustment may damage the calendar transmission gear. If you want to adjust the calendar, you can set the time to 10 pm – 2 am this time period, and then start dialing the knob to adjust the calendar, such as today is No. 5, then you have to transfer the calendar to 4 Number, and then out of the swap, adjust the pointer, so that the calendar transferred to No. 5, and finally transferred back to the correct time.

Quartz watches
For no calendar of the watch, then the adjustment is not so much concern. When the second hand to run to 12 o’clock position, the handle head, clockwise rotation, adjust the time. If there is no second hand, for the sake of time, you can adjust the minute hand to the first two minutes you want to adjust the time (for example, you have to adjust to replica watch  the 10 minute position, you have to adjust the first minute to 8 minutes) Finds.s.ither Us Results Rhitheric calling rounds.itherither …… Find United States drafts.

If there is a calendar of the watch, you can pull the handle a little bit, and then clockwise adjustment week, counterclockwise adjustment date, and then rolex replica watches pull the head out to the outermost, you can adjust the time, and this adjustment and no Calendar watch the same.

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