Mystical Rolex or the role of the history of brands

Myths of brands are an important communication tool. Original “life” stories make them closer to consumers, increasing loyalty. The leader in the field of corporate reputation in2017, Rolex also has its unusual and little-known history of appearance.

When German entrepreneur Hans Wilsdorf decided to create a new watch brand, he sought to find a short title that would easily be pronounced in any language. Also an important condition was the possibility of replica watches a beautiful display of the brand in capital letters on the watch itself.

Long searches did not bring success. Wilsdorf tried several hundred combinations of letters, but could not stop at any. The point in the choice was put by a mystical case – during one of the walks around London, the current name of the entrepreneur was prompted by … a spirit.

Over time, history began to be complemented and transformed, often without leaving the original version, told by Wilsdorf, and the trace. Even many business experts have taken up the mythical manner of the narrative. So one of them claimed that the founder of the company, the word “rolks” reminded the sound of the clock.
Unfortunately, many companies undeservedly neglect such a factor as the brand myth, depriving themselves of swiss replica watches an additional advantage. Wherever the truth is, the history of the creation of Rolex has become an integral part of the famous brand, complementing its positive image.




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