Richmont scores with jewelry and watches

GENVE (AFN) – The Swiss producer of luxury goods Richemont has done good business around the holidays. The parent company of jewelery and watchmaker Cartier saw sales last month increase by 5 percent to 3.1 billion euros. Especially exclusive jewelry were in a hurry, the company reported Thursday.
Where revenue fell in Europe in the first six months of the broken fiscal year, a growth of 3 percent was observed in October to December. Especially in the UK, both tourists and the British themselves rolled the money back. In Asia, sales increased by 10 percent, mainly thanks to China and South Korea.
In particular, the sale of Swiss watches has been particularly under pressure recently, partly due to the relatively expensive franc. Other producers, such as Omega, Swatch and Rolex, suffered from this last year. The recovery that Richemont is from comes to many analysts as a surprise.

It is only the question of whether the recovery is sufficiently strong to cope with the backlog that Richemont has incurred in the first half of the year. replica watches After three quarters, the counter is revenue of 8.2 billion euros,6 percent less than in the same period a year earlier. The financial year ends at the end of March.

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