Rider did not like Rolex, watch worth a quarter of a million

Rolex has a number of iconic models for lovers who put a lot of money on the second-hand market, without cans or blushes. Almost without exception are these models that became very popular after their introduction or shortly afterwards. For this Rolex Milgauss, that’s not true and so, this model is now worth a fortune. How is that possible?

In the 1950s, electronics had become commonplace, which meant that watch marks were thinking about things they had never been silent until then. Rolex has a tradition in which durability plays a prominent role. Think of Rolex’s ‘Oyster’ technique,replica watches which results in very waterproof dive watches. In the 1950s there was another factor: electromagnetic fields.

In 1958, Rolex released the Milgauss Reference 6541. The caliber of the watch was extremely ingeniously packed in a Faraday cage to resist electromagnetic influences. The dial was characterized by a honeycomb structure: two crossed layers of metal that helped keep radiation out.

You would expect people to appreciate the watch as a mechanical energetic, but something else happened: one simply did not feel so beautiful and too big (with a diameter of 37 millimeters is to current standards, even on the small side) . Not long before the release of the Reference 6541 Milgauss, Rolex also released the Submariner and GMT Master. Appearingly, these Milgauss appeared on the other two models, but consumers found that Submariner and GMT-Master simply a little more beautiful, thereby neglecting the Milgauss.

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