Panerai Replica Watch

Panerai Replica Watch

Panerai  was founded in 1860, known for precision machinery and excellent quality. The earliest for the Italian Royal Navy production of precision instruments and watches. Today, Panerai has become the world’s leading high-level sports watch brand. With the design inspiration from the sea, Panerai brand positioning for the sports, leisure areas in the high-end watch. Italian design style and Swiss professional skills, making each table has a distinctive brand style and excellent quality.

Brand story

In 1860, the founder of the Panerai family business, Giovanni Panerai (1825-1897) founded a watch shop in Florence: the clock shop was shop and factory, and was the first in the city Table school. The history of Panerai began.
From 1890 to 1900, Guido Panerai (1873-1934) expanded the business scope of the family business and joined the production of precision instruments to become the supplier of the Royal Thai Navy. The
In 1900, Panerai moved the clockwork to the Palazzo Arcivescovile in Piazza San Giovanni, which is still home to the headquarters of the Panerai, Florence. Door signs on the “Orologeria Svizzera” (Swiss watch shop) words so far vaguely discernible, showing the Panerai noble Swiss descent.
1910 watch factory began to develop luminous material, used in instrument dial, sight and telescope device, and finally combined with zinc sulfide and radioactive bromine, developed a luminous effect of Radiomir. If the mixture is placed in a small glass tube, it can effectively extend its life. Guido Panerai, with this successful invention, patented in Italy and other countries.
1915 – 1918 Italian Royal Navy during the First World War, the use of Panerai produced precision instruments, including the night attack gun sight sight of the luminous device, timing devices, depth measuring instrument, and to assist high-speed torpedo (MAS A mechanical calculator for firing torpedoes.
In 1934 Giuseppe and Maria inherited the father of Guido Panerai. Maria is responsible for the operation of the “Orologeria Svizzera” watch factory, Kyrgyzstan is to continue with the Italian Royal Navy, providing underwater special equipment, flashlight, wrist compass and wrist depth measurement equipment. Radiomir and Luminor series of watches in the future birth, should be attributed to the efforts of the guise.
1936 Italian Royal Navy found the foundry, can not find the requirements of the timing tool, and finally had to customize a Panerai can withstand extreme conditions of the watch. The watch factory then developed the Radiomir prototype watch, handed over to the first dive force, successfully passed all the rigorous tests.
1938 Panerai officially produced for the Italian Navy Radiomir watch, cushions case case is particularly large (diameter of 47 mm), strap ring and case welding connected with a screw-in crown, luminous dial in the dark underwater Clearly show the time, with the Rolex hand movement. The wide band is made of smooth leather with holes, and the length is designed for diving suits.
In 1943 Panerai launched the first exclusive chronograph original model Mare Nostrum, is designed for the Navy senior crew design watches. This is the best of the war because of the various reasons, only in the prototype stage, did not officially come out Radiomir crown protection device has a good fixed effect, making the watch to sneak into the 200-meter deep sea, was extremely outstanding invention.
In 1949, Panerai made patent for Luminor, Luminor is based on tritium-based luminous material, from the table factory to replace the 1910 to 1915 developed Radiomir. Radiomir and Luminor two watch name, it is from these two inventions.
In 1956 Panerai sea Egyptian Navy requirements, in particular the production of a large Radiomir watch, driven Angelus movement with up to eight days of storage power, bezel rotation scale interval of five minutes, can calculate the time of diving The In addition, the watch factory for the other Mediterranean Yanhai multinational naval, limited production watch (about 30). In the same year, Panerai in Italy for the crown protection device to obtain a patent, this device can be locked crown, so watch to achieve waterproof fruit. The invention was patented in the United States in 1960.
1972 Giuseppe Panerai (Giuseppe Panerai) died, the cause by the engineer Dino Zei took over, the original family business changed its name to Panerai Limited. The watch factory continues to work closely with the Italian navy to provide watches, tools and precision instruments.
1980 Panerai designed a can withstand the 1000 meters pressure under the watch. The prototype case is made of titanium alloy, equipped with mechanical automatic winding movement, rubber strap, dial and pointer inlaid with tritiated vials, with luminous effect.
1993 Panerai open the private market, launched several limited series, including Luminor, Luminor Marina and Mare Nostrum chronograph series.
1995 watch factory launched Slytech special series of watches. Sly is the actor Sylvester Stallone’s name, as the table fans he had to shoot the film “thousands of hurry” (also known as “Dragon Birthday”), due to the needs of the film content, to Panerai sea Made a watch called Submersible. Subsequently, he then ordered a white watch to the watch factory Daylight watch, as well as personal improvement Mare Nostrum watch. This piece of works on the back of the table are engraved with Stallone’s signature.
In 1997, the Vendôme Group (now the Richemont Group) incorporated Panerai into its watch, compass, flashlight and depth meter production. Watch factory began to launch a new product, once again enhance the quality of the production, the original design for the Italian naval forces dedicated watch, since the launch in the global market, the increasingly show a pivotal international status.
In 1998, Panerai first launched in the international market mechanical self-winding watch: Luminor Submersible professional diving watch, Luminor GMT two timetables, and can display the remaining energy of the Luminor Power Reserve power reserve table.
In 1999, Panerai launched a variety of modern series with great innovation and improvement in Geneva International Senior Watch Fair. Which includes a small table Panerai Luminor watch, up to 40 mm in diameter, with a metal strap; another Luminor chronograph, with timing function, the case has been redesigned, and the crown bridge and button Cleverly combined together, completely follow the table factory has always been aesthetics; another is Panerai Luminor chronograph, titanium and stainless steel two excellent materials, making case and bracelet.
2000 Panerai design Luminor Submersible 1000 meters professional diving table, in full compliance with the Swiss watch industry standard (NIHS) diving watch specifications, can withstand 1000 meters of submarine pressure. The surface of the sapphire crystal glass thickness of 5.1 mm, the case layer thickness of 3 mm, with a dedicated pressure relief helium valve.
2004 Radiomir series due to 8 Days watches and more prominent. This watch is very retro atmosphere, re-use of modern mechanical watch the key – successfully tested by Officine Panerai manual 8-day power reserve movement. 40 years of watches using Angelus movement, and the latest watches are based on Jaeger-LeCoultre movement. Case diameter 45 mm, with the brand patented and lugs and case arc outer ring complement each other, screw into the table back and crown to ensure that the water depth of 100 meters.
2005 P.2002 movement is the first Panerai internal research and development of the movement. 8-day power reserve watch design, using the latest technology on behalf of the manual mechanical movement. The movement contains 245 parts (of which 191 are not the same), the main power reserve is designed in a new device, including three screwdriver (Panerai patent) and a frequency of 4 Hz free sensor balance Pendulum, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour. Horizontal power reserve display (Panerai patent) is located at 6 o’clock position. P. 2002 movement also has GMT Greenwich Mean Time display, more than 12 hours of local time display, as well as on the afternoon, hours, minutes, seconds and date display. Time adjustment system using zero device, when the crown was pulled out, put Tuo stop, the second hand automatically zero, to ensure that the watch and the standard time to adjust extremely accurate. Due to technical complexity, the brand lasted four years to complete the movement of the development.
2006 Panerai in the “SIHH Geneva Senior Watch Fair” published a new 2006 Panerai watches and Ferrari watch series. Following the launch of the first self-developed movement in 2005 – P.2002-type movement, and the use of this self-made movement of the RADIOMIR 8-day power reserve GMT two time table, this year Panerai make persistent efforts to launch the second The use of 100% Panerai self-made movement Luminor 8 power reserve GMT two timetables, and create the first match with a self-made movement of the watch series – Manifattura Collection. Manifattura watch series is absolutely loyal to the Panerai quality standards, solid quality, the integration of precision technical performance and unique style of watches. In addition to Panerai new watch, another eye-catching series is specially for the Ferrari depot created Ferrari watch series. Ferrari watch shape design, carefully refer to the car engine machinery, as well as body lines and other details, the Ferrari sports car distinctive style revealed. Ferrari watches are divided into Granturismo and Scuderia two series. Granturismo series filled with elegant sports style. Scuderia line is strong and strong with the car elements. Two series of watches are full of exquisite sports style, as well as sophisticated and sophisticated technical content.
2007 Following the success of the introduction of the Panerai brand ten years ago, and in 2005 launched P.2002-type movement, Panerai replica again proudly announced the launch of three completely by Panerai watch factory design, planning, Production movement, for the Panerai brand’s future works to provide power. Panerai recently opened its first store in Hong Kong outside of Italy, which is the first time that the brand has opened its own store in Florence since its reopening in 2001. This store is located in Prince’s Building, Central, Hong Kong Of the location, covering 45 square meters. The store is designed by the famous Italian architect and is under the artistic supervision of the Panerai Italian headquarters. Designers retain the important elements of the brand, combined with ancient and modern features to integrate into the new environment.

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