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Rolex is a very clear source of the brand, their product line is not much, the category can be divided into Oyster Perpetual series and Chellini series.One of the Oyster-style constant movement series is to let Rolex to watch the biggest hero. Over the years, they have been focused on the development of Oyster-style constant motion based on a variety of functional watches. So, in this series derived from a number of models of watches.

1, Oyster-style constant moving: 1926, the world’s first waterproof watch was born, it is Rolex’s Oyster-style watch, which has a patent screw-in bezel, bottom cover and the crown. Over the years, Oyster-style constant action watch not only has a classic appearance and excellent features, but also to maintain the original style of the original watch.

2, log type: dial 3 o’clock position to join the calendar window. In 1945, the world’s first dial with a calendar window of the self-winding watch was born – Rolex Oyster-style constant-action log-type watch. The current log-type watch has a variety of different sizes of the case. Among them, suitable for girls wearing a watch is called women’s log type.

The new women’s log-type 28 watch, 2016 years
3, the sun calendar type: the world’s first only have a date window and week full word watch. With the appearance of the watch for the first time there are date windows of the magnifying glass and the first type of strap, the former later became one of the famous Rolex logo.

Rolex replica watch

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