Breitling Super Ocean Replica Watch

Breitling Super Ocean  Replica Watch

In the past few years, “Super Ocean” has been the mainstay of Breitling in front of the public, the design form has also been changing. Today, I would like to show you and H is the version of the new products.

Breitling Super Ocean Replica Watch second-generation watch has a 44 mm diameter stainless steel case, the case contour is designed to be more slim, rubber die-cut groove unidirectional rotating bezel readability is better, in addition to decorated with large numbers Time scale, also equipped with a 15 minute countdown instructions, and at 12 o’clock position mosaic luminous triangle mark.

Speaking of Breitling, “aviation” immediately into the mind, not only because the brand to wings as a symbol, in fact since 1938, Breitling began to provide pilots with important navigation tools, brand timing equipment was used to assemble the British Royal Air Force driving cabin.

However, Breitling’s contribution to the diving watch is often unfairly ignored by forgetting. This article will be a detailed introduction to the history of the Breitling Super Ocean, which is a groundbreaking watch series, not only launched the first known inverted panda disk (dial background black, three sub-plate for the white) chronograph, Also introduced a charming “SlowCounter” mechanism.

The rise of water sports in the 1950s led to the development of the watch industry diving watch. In 1953, Rolex launched the submersuit Ref.6204 watch, water depth of 100 meters. Two years later, Ref.6200 came out. Then soon, Ref.6205 will enhance the water depth to 200 meters. In 1953, Blancpain launched fifty watch, the water depth of about 91 meters. In 1957, Omega released hippocampus 300 (CK2913) watch, water depth of 200 meters. Also in 1957, Breitling also introduced Ref.1004 (automatic three-pin) and Ref.807 (manual time), two watch water depth of up to 200 meters, the appearance is quite unique.




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